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60/70 ROCK BAND started in 1989 in Torino (North west of Italy) and since then only drummer, Paolo Sburlati is still there.

The band changed one singer, one guitar player, two organ players and three bass players. Bass players are the most difficoult persons.....

The name 60/70 was choosed as the target of the band was to play live the most unforgettable rock tunes of 60s and 70s.

At that time the band was gigging with LED ZEPPELIN, CREAM, DEEP PURPLE, etc. numbers, but DEEP PURPLE songs were the most asked by crowd.

So year after year more PURPLE songs were purposed by the band and less other bands stuff were played until 1997 year in which guitar player and organ player were both substituted and the new line-up started for the first time to offer a total DEEP PURPLE show.

In 1994 our first record: "Remade in Italy" A record with same set of Made in Japan and with same style cover picture.

Even in 1994 we started a collaboration with one of the most tremendous italian guitar player: Andrea Braido.

Andrea Braido played with every famous people here in Italy but felt fully satisfied when playing the fabulos solos of Ritchie Blackmore so he played with us until 2000.

Another great collaboration since 1999 with Ian Paice. We now have played in many gigs with Ian and achieved an high point of human and musical feeling.

In more than 10 years we played so much PURPLE tunes, some of them are:

  • Hush.
  • Speed King.
  • Black Night.
  • Bloodsucker.
  • Child in Time.
  • Flight of the Rat.
  • Into the Fire.
  • Fireball.
  • No, No, No.
  • The Demon's Eye.
  • Highway Star.
  • Pictures of Home.
  • Maybe I'm a Leo.
  • Smoke on the Water.
  • Lazy.
  • Space Truckin'.
  • Woman from Tokyo.
  • Rat Bat Blue.
  • Burn.
  • Might Just Take Your Life.
  • Soldier of Fortune.
  • You Fool No One.
  • Mistreated.
  • Stormbringer.
  • Hold On.
  • Lady Double Dealer.
  • Comin' Home.
  • Lady Luck.
  • Gettin' Tighterl.
  • Perfect Strangers.
  • Knockin' at your Backdoor.
  • Some time I Feel like I Screamin'.
  • When a Blind Man Cries.
  • Ted the Mechanic.
  • Strange Kind of Woman.
  • The Mule.
  • Wring That Neck.
and many more..............
We play mostly in pubs as well as open air parties and bikers meeting.
Most of our gigs are in north Italy but some time we also play in centre Italy.
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60/70 ROCK BAND are: 
  • Piero Leporale - vocal.
  • Fabrizio Fratucelli - lead guitar.
  • Paolo Ceccato - organ.
  • Paolo Sburlati - drums.
  • Roberto Cassetta - bass

You can contac us robycass@tin.it           fabryf68@libero.it

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